Conte insists he’s happy at Spurs despite some issues

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Conte insists he’s happy at Spurs despite some issues.

Tottenham Hotspur manager Antonio Conte insists he is happy at the club. But in the future. If visions do not match or concepts do not match. He could be discharge.

Conte has previously criticized his team for the quality of his squad. After losing at home to Aston Villa 0-2 in the Premier League game on Sunday.

“I’m happy, but I always tell you I’m happy. I want to here I enjoy my time at Tottenham. I enjoyed working at Tottenham,” Conte

“But it doesn’t mean I can’t tell you what we’re doing. We are trying to build a foundation. It’s hard for me to do the same thing every day, maybe you don’t understand.”

“I am happy to be here. because I am at a club that is modern I have a good relationship with the players. And I have a good relationship with the club.

“Sometimes I come home and think, I need to learn more English. Because I’m not good at conveying my thoughts to you.”

“Right now I am very committed to this club. I signed with this club and accepted this project. Try to build a team and help the club.”

“During this process It can happen 1,000 times. A club can sack a manager. or have different visions different situations”

Tottenham currently sit fifth in the table, with their next Premier League game away to Crystal Palace on Wednesday, January 4.