Arsenal 0-0 Newcastle: 4 issues after the artillery game

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Arsenal 0-0 Newcastle: 4 issues after the artillery game.

Arsenal went without a win for the first time in the Premier League. This season with a 0-0 draw with Newcastle in an uncomfortable game. 

And fill with extremely disciplined defensive play of the visiting team. The decisions of the referees mentioned after the game

1. The meeting between two teams best.

Arsenal (14) Newcastle (11) are the two teams. That have conce the fewest goals in the Premier League. This game showcased their defensive potential. That must said to dark horse for this season.

Comes with a “play plan” in. Which the defensive game is firm in a 4-5-1 system full of discipline and concentration. There is a “threat” in the rhythm of the counter as well. 

2. Arsenal’s missing attacking flanks

In the first 45 minutes of this game. Arsenal faced a big problem in penetrating the defensive game in a tight 4-5-1 system. The concentration of the visiting team. Along with the emphasis on covering the flank areas in Arsenal’s attack. Gabriel Martinelli Bukayo Saka is almost absent in this game. Arsenal’s offensive game on the side. They started making some games after almost 70 minutes. It made clear that they almost won the game right away.

3. Judges’ decisions

Andrew Madley, a 39-year-old referee, was moderately criticize. This game with nine yellow cards from both teams deciding. Including the use of VAR in important moments that are not judge by going to see for themselves.

4. Arsenal’s offensive options limit

Without choosing to change the offensive line with Fabio Vieira. Including Marquinhos young winger. On the field on the day Gabriel Jesus, Emil Smith Rowe and Reese Nelson are not available for this game. “Is Eddie Encathia good enough?” the head of many Arsenal fans Many have long assess him as “not good enough”.